The setting up of the wireless subwoofer along with the soundbar is not that much difficult. You can connect wireless subwoofer to a soundbar in an easy way. There are some of the steps to be followed if you wanted your subwoofer to get connected to the soundbar.


Before you connect both the devices you need to keep the volume in the lowest range. You can find the volume button as a reading color where one will be for raising volume and the other one will be for decreasing the volume.

Pairing button

In the wireless subwoofer, you can find a pairing button that is present at the back of the subwoofer. You need to press them for about 3 to 5 seconds so that the system will get turned on. The lady light that is present in the subwoofer will start to blink from red to green in color. the green color denotes that the system is on.

Connection to the soundbar

In the soundbar, you will have to connect your device along with the subwoofer so that there will be some link between both of them.

When you have a look at the soundbar you can find a list of devices and among them, you need to search for the name that this subwoofer contains, and finally, you need to pair with them.

Volume set up

After you are done with your connection you can increase or decrease the volume according to your wish. But make sure that the volume is completely low when you connect them for the first time.


If you are connecting them for the first time you will have some sort of confusion based on the device selection. In that case, you can get help from your friends or from the experts who knew completely about it, and then you can follow the steps according to that.

Sound system

After you make the connection you can find the difference that is taking place in the sound effect. The volume will not be irritating and also when you speed up the volume this will give you a different feel and this can be most probably used during the party times and also in a crowded place.

Bottom line

While you are pairing a subwoofer with a soundbar you need to follow all the steps that are provided above which will be helpful for you during the connection process.