Buying the right set of DJing headphones is one of those daunting tasks for anyone even for the musicians because when you are looking down into the market you can able to find so many options. But not all the DJing headphones are good as they are looking. In this case, when your choice of selection goes wrong there you will be binding up with wasting your money.

At the same time, even though you have a very good set of DJing headphones but do not know to use you cannot get good mixing. To help you in this case here are the tips for using normal headphones for DJing, which you can look into, to enjoy your music.

How to make use of DJing headphones?

There are so many things inside the DJing headphones in this case only when you have understood about it you can make use of them effectively. When you are learning about how to make use of the DJing headphones you should also have to learn about the volume control and cue mix.

cue mix

Volume control

In the general headphones mostly you cannot find the volume knob but in the case of DJing headphones, things are different. Somewhere in the DJing headphones, you can find the headphone volume knob; this knob helps you in controlling the volume of all the channels there in the headphones. Don’t worry this volume knob will not affect the main speaker volume.

Cue mix

In the majority of the DJing headphones, you can find the cue mix; this may be either in rotator version knob or mini crossfader. If the knob or mini fader is in the central position, you can hear all the channels or both left and right channels of the headphones. Suppose if the knob or mini fader are positioned left you could hear the left channel and when it is in the right position you can hear the right channel of the DJing headphones. You can also find the main crossfader which helps you in matching the beats and equalizing the next track.

Cue buttons

The cue buttons on the headphone panel of the mixer which helps you in choosing the channels based on your wish. Still, you can find cue buttons for separate functions like samplers, effects, and booth monitors.

Final thoughts

Before buying, the upgraded DJing headphones practise DJing with any headphones so that you could understand how to make use of them. This article also gives you basic knowledge of the current topic.